RM 199.00

We obviously had to bring back one of our best sellers, except with different prints & colours! You wouldn't want to miss it this time, they're absolutely gorgeous, versatile, and specially made for you! 

Lalitha: playful, charming, desirable. Showing you that tapestries are not only for soft furnishings. With the dreamiest patterns, it is truly an elevated staple for your wardrobe. This dream top, Lalitha will pair perfectly with anything high waisted, your favourite denim or trousers, or a cute skirt! 

The size guide serves as a basic guideline to help you find your right size. However, if you’d like to have yours custom-made according to your size, kindly drop us a DM and we will assist you.

BUST31.5-34 Inch
34-36.5 Inch
36.5-39 Inch
39-41.5 Inch
WAIST23-25.5 Inch
25.5-28 Inch
28-30.5 Inch
30.5-33 inch
HIPS33-35.5 Inch
35.5-38 Inch
38-40.5 Inch
40.5-42 inch
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