RM 259.00

The silky satin floral baju kurung is a stunning traditional Malay attire that exudes grace and sophistication. This baju kurung features intricate floral motifs that add a touch of femininity and elegance. This silky satin floral baju kurung is sure to make a lasting impression with its timeless beauty.

The size guide serves as a basic guideline to help you find your right size. However, if you’d like to have yours custom-made according to your size, kindly drop us a DM and we will assist you.

BUST31.5-34 Inch
34-36.5 Inch
36.5-39 Inch
39-41.5 Inch
WAIST23-25.5 Inch
25.5-28 Inch
28-30.5 Inch
30.5-33 inch
HIPS33-35.5 Inch
35.5-38 Inch
38-40.5 Inch
40.5-42 inch
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